Intel and Micron will keep on developing the 3D NAND memory separately

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It looks like the love story between Intel and Micron, based on the developement of the 3D NAND memory, is over. In a statement from both companies, they assure us that they will keep on developing this flash model, but separately. Even though they are meant to stay together until 2019.

The announcement implies the mutual accord between the companies to work independently on the future generations of the 3D NAND memory. The companies agreed on finishing the development of their third 3D NAND technology generation, which will be launched late this year and will keep going until the beginning of 2019. Aside from this technological union, both companies will develop the 3D NAND independently in order to better optimize the technology and products for their individual commercial needs.

Micron and Intel don’t expect changes in the rhythm of their respective developments of the NAND memory in the future. Both companies are nowadays increasing their products based on their second generation of 3D NAND technology (with 64 layers).

Both companies will also keep on developing and manufacturing together the 3D XPoint in the combined company Intel-Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) in Lehi, Utah, that is now completely focused on the production of the 3D XPoint memory.

The separate development of the 3D NAND memory technology will open new paths and opportunities

In regard to the separation of the companies, Scott DeBoer from Micron has said:

“The association between Micron and Intel has been a long term collaboration and we hope to keep working with Intel in other projects as each of us follows their own path in the future development of the NAND. Our route map for the development of the 3D NAND technology is a solid one and we intend to bring highly competitive products to the market based on our 3D NAND technology, leader in the industry.”

From Intel’s side, Rob Crooke has said:

“Intel and Micron have had a long-term successful partnership that has benefited both companies and we have reached a point in the NAND development partnership where we find it appropriate for each company to pursue their own target market. Our plans for the 3D NAND technology and Optane provide solutions to many of our client’s storage and computing needs.

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