McAfee, more than an antivirus: the novelties that the brand announced at the CES 2018

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McAfee announced some of its novelties for this year at the CES 2018. Its aim is to go beyond the traditional antivirus, as it seeks to protect the users’ identity, the connected homes and the Wi-Fi connections. The brand has signed new agreements with different global partners that will help the company boost its growth around the world. This is a company that has more than 375 million customers as of now.

McAfee’s novelties

One of the new solutions that McAfee has announced is McAfee Identity Theft Protection. Its goal is to protect users from data breaches.

Thanks to the personal and financial monitoring and its recovery tools, it allows users to protect their identities.

Additionally, by collaborating with companies such as D-Link or Samsung, McAfee offers mobile security, privacy and solutions for the connected home. The latter is due to the newest D-Link Wi-Fi router that features McAfee’s technology, meaning that it automatically protects any connected device at home.

As for Samsung phones, they have the back-end technology from Samsung Secure Wi-Fi, which is available to the Note 8 users.

New threats

Recently, we have seen how different threats have appeared, putting users at risk. Besides the traditional viruses or Trojans, we see now hidden cryptocurrency miners or the rise of ransomware, among others. Due to this, the company believes that a traditional antivirus is not enough, so it offers something extra to users, allowing them to be calm in a very complex digital world that grows at a great speed.

According to McAfee’s executive vice president, John Giamatteo, the volume of data breaches has grown tremendously. This makes users question who they can trust in order to keep their personal information safe. The brand also mentions that it has the trust of more than 375 million users around the world whose goal is to protect their devices and their children’s online activity, identity and privacy.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection

One of the aspects that worries Internet users the most is identity theft, but not many people get this type of protection service. McAfee is strongly committed to this aspect, as keeping users calm is very important for the brand. Identity theft is one of the most serious threats lurking around the Internet.

The company has personal and financial monitoring and data recovery, as we have already mentioned. It monitors the black market and notifies users when their data is in danger. It also delivers reports linked to the users’ social security number so that they can check potentially false identities.

In terms of financial activity, it sends reports based on the users’ credit history and alerts them in case of any changes.

Home protection

As we mentioned before, McAfee and D-Link work together to offer a better protection to connected devices at home. This includes protection against virus, malware, botnet attacks and phishing. The new D-Link AC2600 router, which comes with McAfee’s technology, automatically increases the security of all the connected devices.


However, phones are what we use more and more every day. McAfee has not put phones aside, and it has taken into account the existing risk. Connecting our phones to public Wi-Fi networks, for example, can cause us trouble. Samsung Secure Wi-Fi has back-end technology, which is provided by the antivirus company. It automatically encrypts all information and online activities.

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