Razer presents the Nommo Gaming speakers and the Project Linda laptop

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During the CES 2018, at the time that they had presented their HyperFlux mouse with continuous wireless charging, Razer has also taken the opportunity to present their new Nommo gaming speakers and the interesting and revolutionary Project Linda laptop: the first laptop at a worldwide level that aims to join an Android mobile device with a Windows personal computer.

Razer has come to the CES full of surprises that no one expected. And such is their continous wireless charging HyperFlux mouse, has also joined the new line of Nommo gaming speakers, as well as the revolucionary portable Project Linda, which aims to to pair in a single chassis a Windows laptop with the Razer Phone that the company has recently launched to the market. (If you don’t have a gaming laptop, you can check this article to buy one)

Nommo Gaming Speakers

This new line of Razer gaming speakers is divided in three models:

  • Nommo Razer: The normal model, is a set of 2.0 speakers, designed to provide a wide range of sound, including some diaphragmes made of fiberglass with a special woven fabric. These speakers offer an independant control of bass sounds, but with an equalization specifically for each game.
  • Chroma Nommo Razer: Are the same model as the previous, but equipped with Razer Chroma technology, USB connectivity and with DAC incorporated.
  • Nommo Razer Pro: These are speakerphones in 2.1 format, with ample power and which has the THX Audio certification. They also include the Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, capable of generating 5.1 sounds from a stereo source..

In fact, Razer has confirmed to us that they will send us some units to try them, so that soon you can read our analysis.

Project Linda Laptop

Perhaps this laptop is the one that interests me the most of all the news that Razer has presented in this CES. Their proposal is fairly revolutionary, given that it aims to pair a laptop with a screen of 13,3 inches with the Razer Phone of the company in the same chassis. In the chassis there is a recess where the touchpad is usually situated on the Razer Phone. This way, the mobile can be employed as if it were the touchpad of the laptop itself, or as an auxiliary for the game that we may be using.

In the inside of the Project Linda we may find a hard disc of 200 GB (which I suppose it will be a unit of M.2 type, although Razer has commented nothing in respect to it), together with a battery of 53,6 Wh. The screen which the laptop uses is of Quad HD resolution and is touchscreen.

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